Tony Blair says independence case is ‘more credible’ after Brexit – BBC News

Tony Blair speaking in central London

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Tony Blair said there was “no widespread appetite” for the Brexit result to be reversed

Former Prime Minister Tony Blair has said the context for the pro-Scottish independence case is “much more credible” after the Brexit vote.

During a speech he said the vote to leave the EU puts the break-up of the UK back on the table.

The former Labour PM argued that people voted without knowing the terms of leaving and therefore have a right to change their minds.

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has said a second referendum is “very likely”.

Tony Blair calls for people to ‘rise up’ against Brexit

The SNP argues that since a majority in Scotland voted to Remain, this represents a material change in circumstances sufficient to make the case for a second independence vote.

At the weekend, former first minister and SNP MP Alex Salmond indicated a decision on whether to hold a second referendum could come within weeks.


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