The week that changed the nation – CNN

Washington (CNN)The times, they are a changing, suddenly at whiplash speed.

After a momentous week, same-sex couples can now marry in all 50 states, the Confederate flag’s historic hold on the political institutions of the Deep South is fraying by the hour and Obamacare, after defying another attempt to dismantle it, is now reaffirmed as the law of the land.

And as a capstone to these seismic events, the first black president of the United States spent Friday afternoon singing “Amazing Grace” on live television in front of an African American congregation.

Political and social conventions on civil rights and race relations that for decades have seemed immovable are being swept away in a cascade of grass-roots change. Politicians have been left struggling to keep up.

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“Progress on this journey often comes in small increments,” President Barack Obama said Friday, arguing that the task of each generation is to honor the Constitution’s guarantee of equal rights as the times change.

“(It’s) sometimes two steps forward, one step back, compelled by the persistent effort of dedicated citizens,” he said, describing the process of transformational political change around which he has built his political career.


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