Roberts knocks down Scalia in Obamacare bout at the Supreme Court – CNN

Washington (CNN)It was Roberts vs. Scalia in a legal heavyweight tussle for the ages.

In one corner: conservative Chief Justice John Roberts. In the other: veteran fellow conservative Justice Antonin Scalia. The prize: the fate of Obamacare, centerpiece of the most liberal presidency in decades.

And for the second time, Roberts won on points.

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Roberts’s ring was the ornate Supreme Court chamber fringed by towering Corinthian columns and red velvet curtains, one of the few venues left in American public life not penetrated by the modern age — no television coverage, no tweeting, no selfies. The stands were the wooden seats packed with an electrified audience of lawyers, reporters and members of the public.

So the monumental ruling was handed down Thursday in similarly hushed conditions to the great Supreme Court judgments of history — in contrast to the pandemonium that erupted on the marble plaza outside. There, Obamacare supporters exploded in cheers and started chanting “ACA is here to stay” as news flashed that the law had been saved again.

Roberts led the majority as the court ruled 6-3 to uphold the manner in which the Obama administration is interpreting the law. Doing so preserved health insurance subsidies for more than six million Americans.


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