Please don’t shoot at the hurricane, officers say – Washington Post

In Pasco County, north of Tampa, sheriff’s officers warned citizens not to shoot guns into the air, after a Facebook post suggested shooting Irma out of the sky went viral. “LETS SHOW IRMA THAT WE SHOOT FIRST,” the post from a 22-year-old man said.

About 27,000 people responded that they would attend the “Shoot At Hurricane Irma” Facebook event.

“There we no actual shots fired. We don’t know if the individual was joking, or making a serious threat,” said Pasco County Sheriff’s Office spokesman Doug Tobin. “We’re just responding to citizens in general, making sure no one shoots weapons in the air. The bullet trajectory could come down and hurt individuals.”

Ryon Edwards, of Daytona Beach Shores, added an update Sunday morning to his wildly popular Facebook post, saying he’s “learned that about 50% of the world could not understand sarcasm to save their lives.”


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