Oscars: Could ‘Wonder Woman’ Break Into Best Picture Race? – Hollywood Reporter

“The theater was 90% full,” wrote a female member of the sound branch. “Lots of applause for the credits. Some sniffling here and there. The sound was good — seat-rattling, and not in the Michael Bay hit-you-over-the-head way. Nice mix too. The VFX were okay — some mattes were cheesy, but the production design was great and the music, as well, was stellar. The screenplay was smart, so that’s a possibility. Hard film for the Academy to ignore, and the fact that so many showed up and applauded is a good sign. It’s fun and patriotic in its innocence, meaning if you are an America First Republican it hit you over the head! As soon as Chris Pine comes on the scene, the film takes flight and never lands or takes a breath. It could actually garner a best picture nomination. And Gal Gadot is perfect.”

Not everyone felt the same way as those two, though.

“This movie is so hyped and the reviews are so good, of course members are going to turn out,” wrote a female member of the producers branch, acknowledging that there was “not a seat empty.” She continued, “I don’t like these movies — I don’t even go to them, usually, because I’m bored by them. Where are the comedies? I want to be entertained and laugh and not be bombarded by stupid action sequences. Even though the action sequences are a little different than usual, they’re not original — there’s crashing and fighting and flying and killing. Doesn’t anybody remember Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon? This felt the same. Also, I was a big fan of Boardwalk Empire and Jack Huston, who wore the half-mask on the show, and that’s what the villain wears here, so that’s not original either! Everyone’s saying the film is fresh, but I think they’re being blinded by the female-empowerment thing — it’s really not, and that’s irritating. I thought the origin story was pretty lame and I really thought, ‘Oh, we’re in trouble’ — and then we get to her saving his life, and that’s when it picks up. As soon as they wear their city clothes, it’s better, to me — they’re a handsome couple and that was my favorite thing. I give it a B+.” She added, in reference to the Oscars, “If I were a betting woman, I wouldn’t bet on it. We have yet to see all the movies in the fall, and by that time people will not remember this so much. So I would be surprised.”

One female member of the executives branch who was not able to attend Saturday night’s screening also wrote me: “I’m eager to see it. It sounds absolutely wonderful. And truly, there’s nothing else to see.”


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