Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps raced that shark on TV Sunday night. Well, sort of – Los Angeles Times

Last week, in an interview with “Good Morning America,” Phelps clarified some misconceptions about the event.

“We’re not in the water at the same exact time,” he said. “I think that’s the one thing we all — we want everyone to know — I was safe, which was No. 1.”

But as it turns out, Phelps’ safety wasn’t too high on anyone else’s list of concerns. 

Phelps hopped into a 100-meter stretch of water off the coast of Mossel Bay, South Africa, and took off down the makeshift lanes.

Much to viewers’ dismay, Phelps swam the “race” solo, time-trial style. His great white competitor was actually a CGI version of a shark, which supposedly imitated what would have been a real-life shark’s speed.


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