New York prison break: Source says search has gone cold – CNN

(CNN)Have authorities lost the trail of two convicted murderers who broke out of a New York prison?

A New York state official briefed on the investigation told CNN on Monday that the search has gone cold since last week, when investigators found what they believe were several human tracks and a bloodhound possibly picked up a scent.

There were promising clues last week, the official said, but since then, authorities have come up with little to point them toward the fugitives.

Ten days into their search, authorities seem no closer to capturing Richard Matt and David Sweat. Despite the efforts of 800 law enforcement officials popping open trucks, peering into cars and scouring heavily wooded areas, New York’s governor acknowledged over the weekend that the pair could be almost anywhere.

Clinton County Sheriff David Favro said Monday that they could still be in the woods near the prison in upstate New York — or long gone.

And the prosecutor whose office brought charges against prison tailor Joyce Mitchell for allegedly aiding the escape said authorities can’t say for sure whether anyone else was involved or whether Mitchell knows more than she’s letting on.


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