More factory problems as Elon Musk’s Tesla starts producing the Model 3 – Los Angeles Times

Will Tesla’s Elon Musk revolutionize the auto industry and become the Henry Ford of the 21st century? Or are his bold visions too untethered from the complicated realities of mass-market motor vehicle production, sales, distribution and repair?

The answer will be clarified six months from now, when we’ll know whether Tesla is capable of high-volume production of its new mid-market Model 3 — and whether customers are happy with what’s coming off the assembly line.

The six-month clock started running late Sunday night with a tweet from Musk. He said Tesla will deliver 30 Model 3s by the end of July, and ramp up production to 20,000 Model 3s a month by December — a rate of 240,000 a year.


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