Lavar Ball apparently has no problem alienating half his potential customer base –

I don’t know. Dale Hollywood heat Sports Radio WEP guys are the program brought to my eighteenth tee. You heard The Who and hollering in the death of the Comcast or how that you have an up the first thing I heard thank. Those rooms. After a while I don’t one of them personally knows the Yahoo!. Answer later yes no pain. That’s what that was now the general excuse. I’ve had I’ve never thought I’d have that I just got caught up in the the pageantry like I caught up in the whole hype of OK fourteen to thirteen. Back even though I knew that you couldn’t see a Celtics to model full yeah buddy got work I also air public and so it was epic that floor and click on it makes for. You and. As great I was I was waiting for the dot bill music after eight months to really think that is the Stewart. They’re here it’s pretty Anders it is bigger creditors did so because it’s. It bounced back right so I’ve been saying all along. I don’t I want no part of Alonso ball and now. It’s actually a real question because the Celtics at the first overall pick in the draft. If Danny wants Luntz a ball he’s available tool. And I said all along that the guy that scares me more than wants a ball as Lavar ball with Adam on this program. He had he’s been everywhere he probably had to your house talking to you and your. So today in the aftermath of their celebration because now they think once those headed for the lakers an eight probably as. Today levoir ball was on Colin Cowherd show and Christine Leahy is of course Canada the coal port on the on the show so it’s Cowherd. Talking to Lavar ball but Christine Leahy will become involved in the conversation as well have you sold and issues yet. So a good amount to me. But I considered different amounts how many. Staying home when he went. I’m probably one of the program every time she is the kind of answers Tuesday as she stood moms who novels did I mean she’s got a bottle and looked. I don’t look over the Kaczynski would be how shall all right now I’m just leave me alone I’ll tell you for five compared. So yeah she’s a reporter for job is to show you report to whoever she won’t behind what I saw you Colin all your what is your problem with me so much problem here is you are a picture. Why I would never Wear a bit polish her. Don’t even talked to Bob heard your serial number well I I said that I wouldn’t Wear something as good as it callers at same thing I can all do and respect your grip report just not report. I have a right to say when we had to let him and all welcome to big bolt zone. I think I actually it was thank fans at like appoint her he’s not a minute now and telemundo. Offensive to you I just said you know if you wanna be and work with Nike ideas and under armour to maybe of something that appeals to women and. I don’t know as a legit I mean I don’t have to agree about the department of older and I thought it was a good. I don’t know that if I’m not free I don’t I don’t I don’t listen I don’t see. I wasn’t as they does like I I would ever Wear this was to show you a little mushroom got a little. Next up. Well I think it and harder to have a successful company you’re gonna have to have women who like your brand. Yes you have a woman’s complete but anyways so I thought marketing consultant Bob Bullock. OK so let me let me go into this thank you. Well I’m not don’t think. Florida and I have to think this is all very yeah yes. Aren’t so. So he’s trying to do what nothing to do without doubt that he’s don’t rails yeah. I’ve got it was before but this is this world there’s a lot going on their luck involved Lotta there telling her to stay in her lane. Does not sound and dollars and it’s not too condescending wasn’t now. Obviously was don’t have that yes stating only. What do you know happy doing that what we know what it is you have to give sexism or is that. And he confirmed that if you thought OK here on the fence about it what did he mean he confirmed it like that act. So what exactly back and down but this is where this is where. They’ve got to stay with it they got to stay with and he goes next now that. This pick no I don’t miss the next that is mortgaging the new X that is normally don’t you know it’s an allergy to be a program about the program to show you know it’s Cowherd say hey you know count on the show were ready to answer questions that he’s scared of her. He’s that you care your scared a lot yeah did you like it scares me to death he says right. Yet because you hate to see that’s why hate her that’s why and again it’s not fair Alonso but I’ve gone to the point now or I hope he’s a terrible NBA player. Because then he’s getting a lot of haters in the bars and have the art guys up. He does yard hasn’t now they’re going to be more Oregon originally more from once he if he’s not playing or he’s planning and he’s terrible. Lavar is gonna have to twist himself into a pretzel defend them and that and look forward. What I saw you comment on what’s your what is your problem I mean I my problem is you are that he hates her why I would never Wear big polish. Don’t even topped the box urgency in my life I said that I would. Mean who’d mark dean female and yet I didn’t sit well apple by. Why we’re in order to probably are a lot of women who wouldn’t want to Wear a shirt that said big smaller branch a guy I thought was a good point. Yeah that is good or other she said that on a podcast producer and our podcast with Collins the Lavar wasn’t there populace into the podcast. He clearly did the shirt costs. Any idea. Let’s say the sliders 200 supposed to talk about hundred. I held out a hundred dollars I don’t and I’ll put her daughter who knows there in the Kanye a formula under a 105 dollars every federal what he says here by the way. She is the kind of answers Tuesday as she stood mom’s old novels did you see this yeah well and looked and I don’t look over the Krzyzewski knew how shall all right now I’m just thinking of all. Thinking soul of an insult to me like he said resulting assault right now. All I think you’re just thinking of salted. All yeah like in Kosher salt oregano garlic salt when she’s being salty. And Alter the movie salt and incidentally. And it’s terrible I don’t know about you it’s all. All but Gusinsky that we are all right now I’m younger. But he’s got a call Saul Goodman rhetoric about right now. Maybe that’s all I I’m not sure path now or take an assault right now no one’s thinking of that right now and shoes and then man that is. As bizarre now now I I understand completely that you probably think that your gonna sell more of your shoes to to males than females understand that. Well why would you take such a blatant attempt to alienate. 50% of the market audience out there I’m guessing that there are women who buy shoes for. Men in their life and I don’t even know they have women’s sizes I’ve only seen you know the ones that the that he sat out there. Based on what he just said no he’s not until I know how he doesn’t have women’s sizes but I mean I get about women. Is it that it’s what are users amends you know get a women governors have yet to amend it women’s company yeah. So he’s not thinking about that he is not so nice she. That they I don’t know aloof he is about hundred they’ve sold in the and off or put a good birdie they’d like for 500 but they’re not much they cost how many have you sold a supposedly that’s how many they’ve sold for 500 supposedly has been around 500 pairs. Writely which is nowhere near breakeven for these things. And they want off like a rocket initially. You know talk show host Bynum and stuff so that they can put on their Twitter you have got to Boller and and supposedly after that first weaker so it sort of dried out kind of fell off it you were sent how much. He’s had a Leahy. Well collars that she’s a reporter and he said. She reports to we kind of turned that around I don’t care who she reports to you ever saw behind our. I ND yes not to me. Why don’t the more interviews he does he’s not getting better. He’s got our god is not policy against interview skills now so so far. What do you say every white kid 1000 dollar cars every right to it as a 100000 dollar car I don’t and now that three of my kids are seeing where the Al’s mind yeah yeah. You can view for a thousand reference to Chris Bryant’s. Dad or no was you know he’s one. Did Eric. And then though now he’s going to worded doesn’t like women. Recently apps to be a white woman and why it was so little adult and got a problem there yeah got a problem in Boston got a problem ballet. I don’t know and now I understand completely an even magic said you know you’re not drafting the dad your drafting the player I understand dollar debt. But do you do you guys collectively you honestly think that guy. Is going to be Satan and California watching his other two kids play. And whatever happens with Alonso with the lakers which is probably where he’ll be wherever he goes the he’s not going to be involved he’s not gonna say any thing he told us all know I’ve I’ve I’ve grown up he’s headed out on his own now rightly. It’s out of it he’s gonna say anything. To their organizational if they let them. But if he’s in Los Angeles. Yeah he’s gonna say planning you know line. Got platforms he’s always got a warm he’s got he he doesn’t weekly radio show there and hockey yeah with Keyshawn Johnson. LV granderson figured he had a regular shelter while they’re on but yeah easily paralyze the guest on the show. It so right now. And he’s actually in Vienna or fox every ten all got so if he was at it like Obama wanted to put the lakers but hardball is gonna have a platform but no orders for job is to share it report to whoever she won’t behind. You currently. I’m talking about talking to her for. The lakers though I think wherever he goes I’m certainly come around towards bill that. He’s in yet that same platform and and a lot of those are national platform so. If he’s not playing along for the Celtics say they draft and he’s playing as much steel brown does so summit to a lot of low other night or not at all. I think I think he’s gonna have a lot to say now does he just say it. On the radio or on the or on TV probably I don’t think he goes to Danny Ainge is off authorities got really have access Brad Stevens. But he’ll say a lot of noise that’s up to that team if they really feel it it’s a big distraction. It sounds like a look at. I don’t talk to girls not gonna talk to girls Obama thought you. They already is and a lot of people like you take classic bully. Yeah I mean he did that with the high school coach out there at the you know he he tried to bully that guy successfully as success I got a guy hired guys out of a job you know he is a classic bully and end. She was asking perfectly legitimate question how many shoes hopeful I don’t want answered that throws up front and is now you all a picture that’s why I. Dick Pole this year. And by the way and probably most women wouldn’t. Would you which are we’re a lot I would I would need. Having a big ball or certain other. I understand it at Christie’s plan which is very good way that a lot of women might hesitate for wearing that big ball or shirt and his wearing it out. You can imagine that the comets. You get that walking down the street. You’re wearing a big ball or our energy our but a lot of people. And then when we are big dollar shirt. I don’t Wear it on censure or accompanying what did you did Johnson’s Jirga nay and then your thoughts. While my dad dad laugh at the half I had figured out a grown up. Obviously LA I was like coed naked in the south the big jobs teachers are very. We have a couple would make you people who teachers. And I take it as not is that the most creative. Name of the company have ever heard now and him and by the way you obviously you’re listening to on the radio we’re listening to it. Visually which you couldn’t see was he refused to look at. Galloway had not made assets and is it’s a weird set it really has. But while he’s talking while he’s responding to some comedy now and look there are. All right so he’s condescending and he’s a bully and on a separate but I wanted to come back does come back to us in the media said it before. I said it before we had a mind. And then that I that I got into the pit with everybody else got into that hit got into the mire and we had a money here. And now after. What are we doing in the media. We say all these things about them yet. We collectively continue to go to the well. We’re Lavar ball because despite what we say about them. We think he’s a A ratings magnate. And he has idiot idiot he happens to be but this is also a different spin on it because it’s always sucked it. Is labs auditors of the we didn’t yet. Great we keep going to him but but I think Dale’s question being are the Celtics album will be a problem and I still think. If he was the best player in the draft let’s say Fultz was I won’t back to school and I used just as everybody else I take them I would too. I would I would understand that there may be some headaches on the road or some distractions they have to prepare for. Our house just ignore this guy honestly don’t knowledge get out of hand I would not take them because of his dad even though he is I mean it’s such a joke at this point. And I can guarantee you this seriously. I don’t think the Celtics will take them. But at the Celtics do take them he will have. A you’ll have a platform in this town. You’ll have a two to fix the newly ER he’ll be in views of this station we’ll have more problem on our sister station I mean yeah for them regularly. Regularly will be on the access on the I don’t think he likes I don’t anybody not think is how well. Alonso the mellow all right I like anybody in the media as he he’s a great marketer of the emotional. Mostly keeps on if he’s not carry out I gotta be honest and archery is because supposedly the Shuster. The Susan I don’t know if we’re doing that they’re not very good looking shoes and I just wanna point out. We’re talking about. So his great marketer but it’s also not helping him. Where we are talking about Iraq I think it’s up and we’ve been talking about a ball long and deep didn’t help Sullivan shoot. It’s people talked about college Africa lobbies like that the job via. Yani just because you’re being talked about doesn’t necessarily mean you’re doing a great job. Yeah but he’s not getting a job but his his opportunities his if if Colin jeopardy extent okay. I’m not going to be in the NFL anymore nobody wants to hire mean Pete Carroll as a when hired me as a backup quarterback this what I’m gonna do and go to the speaker’s bureau. And I’m gonna tell them I just one top college campuses. Across the nation and across the world get a lot of money. Aziz he’s famous he’s famous for what he did he’s famous for the knee. And it’s not NFL money but he did get a lot of money the speaker’s fees it’s pretty significant and credible so the publicity yeah ensure food. Morton that that you read a book and aunts and go on a speaking tour. All of our ball to write notes on notice now via a Lamar. Shortly marble room big Boller book and hit he says he felt more confident he did very well. Four copies of 800 dollars but I think with the leader well now I doubt he doesn’t have to play. This game me and half do what did that book to that at only 795. Dollars probably right about. I don’t know how the the rise of big ball bred big bolivars. What chapter really vs Michael Girardi had to act. Michael Jordan very I don’t I don’t hold priority item we’ve been saying all along. Because this is you know kind of keeps in my side of the street here. Where we think he’s the classic wrestling. What he wants to be as Vince McMahon like god he walks like and he talks like him he’s got the same schtick he’s trying to be mr. McMahon. After a while grown ups say. It’s really kind of each day I can’t wait to for the NBA teammates. How much crap they’re gonna give Alonso promise. His college he’s the best player letter what’s TJ leaf and an Alfred kid generally fatal but I think. I mean they they get mega you know good natured ribbing as a war but in the NBA with some of those guys are grown men later later you credit the league nineteen years all of a five Euro a pair of shoes. That is what I was wannabe and on this to be one practice a bit too up just a couple practices and equally here. But they the inside track that you deal look inside track to our practice. He’s hoping goes the lakers actually because it’ll Tony young guys like me Brennan in Rome in India it will Russell with him properly and I don’t know Padilla I don’t know veterans and paragon laughed and just talking about it. Cross and now let’s get to the calls that you guys is 6177797937. The text line is 37937. On Wednesday introduced the other one the other one that the other big story about it and it is a huge deal it’s hormones and and it and it’ll took place in a rather innocuous interview this morning on CBS this morning Scioscia thought so you thought yes I mean she’s she’s going on there she meaning Gisele Bundchen. Wife of Tom Brady is going on there to talk about. You know ecosystem and climate change and I think you Jeff for our home. And then it goes him exactly and editor of words are asking for the rest of you fool all previous general manager means nothing to anybody I would I love little girl inside so. Outsiders you know our heroes has got to sell Bundchen sitting there he’s got to ask about Tom Brady and he did. And and I’d I’m not sure that Tom Brady of the New England Patriots like. What she said to which he says it was yet compassion last year he said confessions we’d like to talk about it. Oh yeah. And I mean from coast to coast now. People are lighting up about this because well hey those cheat and patriots. Those cheat and patriots again you know had this guy had a concussion he’s never had a concussion on an injury list in his entire NFL career. Not one time is even listed on an entry list because of a head or concussion issue. They’re coaching victories angle if you want go ahead pile on they suck they cheat all the high. To placate spy gate they have cameras in places that they have hidden cameras hidden microphones on the topic it. Had had to have your fun with that. But what what’s most interesting to me and dale listened to your points I keep saying. Yeah Tom Brady complaints at least 45 short why nobody’s ever had a major outside of the ACL in 2008 he’s been out there according to the patriots had two quarterbacks to get them to four games last year in Brady’s absence in the and they both struggled to do it. OK forget about that much more interesting is the concussion. Is that the thing that will prevent them. Now it’s that the thing is that the reason she has wanted him to get out yet how exactly he’s saying are they know that he’s done. That’s more interesting than all the other you know gates concussion gate spy gate. The placate now. Nick I’m not. I’m not shocked and again. Some people that you know choose not to believe her or or what her definition of a concussion or are eyed believer believer and I Eddie you’re. This is a huge scandal that that team’s. Lie on the injure port in. I guess some people take it that way we worry that Richard Sherman and a bunch of these other has already got plenty of examples of teams that don’t put players on it was Levy on Belle yeah. There’s a larger credits championship game out I don’t know if Fauria talk about this today. On on OMF. And his story so I’ll give him credit for it he told the story uploaded and the Brady the Brady Belichick put but he said the one time only time in his career. He doubted Tom Brady. And he found out why after the game. Right so right there there’s 2003 they’re playing Washington they lose a game that was their last loss for a long time and went on in between one game winning streak. But. He’s Tom is getting the plays on these same place he say simple stuff. It’s those little laptop he’s calling to right. It’s called the wrong name it I liked it would do what is it you’re Smart guy he’s an idiot right now after the game on the bus Brady said yeah had a concussion. Now that’s just one example during the game is that was before the concussion protocol before it became a big deal in 2003 nobody really was talking mr. Cowen and oh. Yeah gobbled. Got there ya got the way our got a shot. Other euphemisms out but I think these euphemisms continued we Brady. Where babies get a concussion he knows how does this scary thing for for his teammates. And for his family members. That he learned how to function. After getting to could a concussion we don’t even think. Eighties while believe or our man he looks confused. You think about all the big hits. That Brady is taken. Yeah it’s time where Brady is taking a big hit and he’s down for a while and the trainers come out in the help about the field or. It looks like he’s not going to be able to go back to the huddle never. I can’t think of what it imam why Diana I think about one anecdote of Tom Brady looking like he can’t get up and and run the next play. An event. All those QB sneaks like all the snow. Of the ice it right there they he knows how to function with concussions well and when Mike Florio wrote about the simple football talk dot com today he said the question is. Is it possible. That coaches and trainers did know eager to Michael’s point. That he has yet come solid gap is so good at at at you know hiding dance that it’s not like the patriots. We’re messing around with a concussion protocol for the trainers were messing around and put him at risk. He can he can hide it from. And that’s the question is that’s what is that look I I don’t know what you cells. I had a feeling about halfway global player for it when we come back. And appealing about halfway through it she was going ooh wait a minute will you let it if you and I. I don’t many concussions. Can happen on and I as a severe headaches you know. English is not the first regrets about I don’t know if I thought it didn’t data are gonna do today in big issues that it this way. That was on the 6177797937. Is telephone number I promise right to the calls that you coming up next Daylon Hollywood keep. Sports Radio WEEI.


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