Jindal Campaign Says He Missed Cable Appearances Because Of Plane … – Daily Caller

Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal, marking his first day on the campaign trail as a presidential candidate, was scheduled to appear on five morning cable shows Thursday.

But his campaign says mechanical problems on the plane he took to New Hampshire caused him to miss them all.

On Wednesday, Jindal’s campaign put out a press release saying he would give “several national interviews before attending events in New Hampshire” Thursday. The campaign released details of his planned cable news hits:

7:15 AM ET: Fox and Friends
7:30 AM ET: MSNBC Morning Joe
8:00 AM ET: CNN New Day
8:15 AM ET: Fox Business, Morning with Maria
8:30 AM ET: CNBC Squawk Box

Jindal spokeswoman Shannon Dirmann told The Daily Caller the candidate was scheduled to fly from Louisiana to New Hampshire late Wednesday after announcing his entry into the presidential race at a New Orleans event. The flight, she said, was delayed because of mechanical problems.

The campaign, she said, canceled the cable appearances so he could make later New Hampshire events, including a speech at a Politics and Eggs event.

“We’re going to reschedule in the coming days,” Dirmann said of the morning shows.

Jindal needs all the national television exposure he can get: According to the Real Clear Politics polling average of Republicans, he is polling at just 1 percent nationally.

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