Jeb Bush: ‘I’m not in favor of shaming women’ – CNN

Pella, Iowa (CNN)At a Wednesday Iowa rally, Jeb Bush addressed recent controversy over comments he made in his 1995 book that out-of-wedlock births were increasing because single mothers and fathers no longer faced public shaming.

Asked by an attendee why he would be in favor of shaming single mothers, Bush said, “I’m not in favor of shaming women. What I’m in favor of is shaming men who abandon their children.”

“Women who bring up children by themselves do it heroically, they do it against all odds,” Bush said. “Men who don’t feel responsible for being part of their child’s life create real strains on that family.”

Bush went on to tout his record reforming child support laws and empowering families as Florida governor.

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The presidential candidate first made his case in his 1995 book “Profiles in Character” — which was published before he won the Florida governor’s office — in a chapter titled “The Restoration of Shame.”

In an excerpt first cited by The Huffington Post last week, Bush wrote:


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