Hillary Clinton’s image is dented, but she still leads all challengers in polls – Los Angeles Times

Hillary Rodham Clinton weathered an intense period of scrutiny this spring that has left her public image dented, but it has done little to diminish her strength as a presidential contender, several recent polls indicate.

The latest numbers¬†come from a new Wall St. Journal/NBC poll, which indicates that Clinton continues to hold a vast lead over her rivals for the Democratic nomination, with the support of 75% of voters surveyed who said they planned to take part in the party’s primaries.

An even larger share of Democratic voters polled, 92%, said they could see themselves supporting her as the party nominee. By contrast, 40% said they could see themselves supporting her closest rival, Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont, with just under one-third saying they could not see supporting him and about a quarter saying they did not know.

The Wall St. Journal/NBC survey is overseen by two leading polling firms, one Democratic and the other Republican.


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