Flynn situation is ‘fluid,’ source says – CNN

12/29/2016: US announces new sanctions against Russia. Michael Flynn and Russian ambassador Sergey Kislyak speak on the phone.

1/15/2017: The Washington Post first reports on the call. Vice President Mike Pence says Flynn didn’t discuss sanctions.

1/16: Trump officials say the call was focused on scheduling a call between Trump and Putin.

1/23: US officials say investigators are scrutinizing several calls between Flynn and Russia’s ambassador. White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer says Flynn told him that sanctions were not discussed on the calls.

2/10: An aide close to Flynn says he can not rule out that Flynn spoke about sanctions on the call.

2/10: Trump says he is unaware of reports that Flynn may have spoken about sanctions during the calls and says he will “look into that.”

2/10: A US official confirms that Flynn and Kislyak did speak about sanctions, among other matters.

2/12: White House policy director Stephen Miller says: “I don’t have any information one way or another to add anything to the conversation.”

2/13: Russia again denies all allegations to CNN: We have already said there haven’t been any.”


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