Clinton, Sanders, Paul top Facebook chatter in key early presidential states – Sacramento Bee

Hillary Clinton’s winning big in the “Facebook poll” in New Hamsphire and South Carolina, but Bernie Sanders is right behind. And among Republicans, Rand Paul is on top.

Those are the results of Facebook “interactions,’’ which include likes, posts, comments and shares, over the past month. The data cover May 13 to June 13.

No one knows, of course, how much influence Facebook and social media will have, but at the moment, Clinton, the Democratic front-runner, is clearly the most talked-about candidate. Her 289,000 Iowa interactions are far ahead of runnerup Sanders, the senator from Vermont, who had 153,000. Paul, a senator from Kentucky, had 98,000.

Sanders came closer in New Hampshire, which shares a long border with Vermont. He had 123,000 interactions to Clinton’s 145,000. But he fell way back in South Carolina, where Clinton topped him, 460,000 to 116,000. Clinton held her first major rally Saturday, the last day the data was collected. Sanders held his first big presidential event May 26.

Retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson, who has been trying to appeal to the Republicans’ evangelical base, did well in that state, finishing a close second to Paul.

Here are South Carolina data. The first number is unique people. The second is interactions:

Hillary Clinton 104,000 460,000

Rand Paul 34,000 132,000

Ben Carson 24,000 120,000

Bernie Sanders 24,000 116,000

Lindsey Graham 43,000 100,000

Ted Cruz 25,000 94,000

Jeb Bush 32,000 80,000

Mike Huckabee 29,000 80,000

Rick Perry 33,000 71,000

Marco Rubio 18,000 48,000

Scott Walker 14,000 39,000

Rick Santorum14,000 28,000

Carly Fiorina 10,000 25,000

Chris Christie 13,000 24,000

Donald Trump 12,000 20,000

Bobby Jindal 8,000 15,000

Martin O Malley 2,000 5,000

George Pataki 2,000 2,000

John Kasich 1,000 2,000


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