Wrigley, Music Box team up for movie night – Chicago Tribune

Wrigley is jumping on the bandwagon of walk-in outdoor summer movie screenings while adding a themed — baseball and Chicago — twist with the help of its historic neighbors.

Music Box Theatre, Chicago’s spot for foreign, cult, classic and independent films — and only 15 years younger than Wrigley Field, thought a summer merge could be a fun concept. Ryan Oestreich, Music Box general manager, jumped on board when the offer was presented.

“Hickory Street (Capital) came to us because they had this big screen but didn’t know how to show movies on it and had the idea to bring us in and operate it,” Oestreich said. “I said yes right away because we had the movie projection experience and could offer it to them in a close proximity. It was a good partnership.”

The biweekly Park at Wrigley movie series kicks Wednesday off with John Hughes‘ “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off,” a perfect choice to start the summer series. Hughes was a longtime Chicago-area resident, and the movie features Wrigley Field and the Cubs.


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