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With the end of WWDC the news cycle subsided a little, but was still active with news about Apple’s 12.9-inch iPad, behind-the-scenes deals for Apple Music, and the Apple Watch making a long-awaited debut at brick-and-mortar stores.

‘iPad Pro’ could get better keyboard, higher-res display

Developers digging into the iOS 9 beta discovered that Apple’s 12.9-inch iPad — typically referred to as the iPad Pro — might get a unique, larger keyboard, with extra keys including an entire row dedicated to characters like asterisks and parentheses. The keyboard is only toggled to appear for an unreleased iPad size.

The new tablet could have a 2,732-by-2,048-pixel Retina display, giving it roughly the same pixel density as the iPad Air 2.

Some artists, labels upset by Apple Music terms

On Monday Apple confirmed that 71.5 percent of Apple Music’s U.S. subscription revenue will go to rights holders including artists, labels, and songwriters. That figure is slightly higher than Spotify, and outside the U.S. the share will reach as high as 73 percent.

Critically, however, Apple won’t be paying royalties for listeners on a three-month free trial, a move which has generated resistance from labels and artists, including labels with musicians featured prominently in Apple marketing. The company was also accused of threatening to pull music from the iTunes Store if artists don’t sign up for Apple Music, something it officially denied.

Apple to curate iOS 9 News app content

AppleInsider was the first to report on a job listing revealing that the content in iOS 9’s News app will be curated by human editors. Until this week, it had been assumed that Apple would depend mostly on RSS feeds or algorithms.

Apple is leaning more heavily towards curated content in general, favoring it on services like Apple Music and the App Store.

Apple Watch becomes available for in-store pickup

Apple this week began accepting reservations for in-store pickup of the Apple Watch at stores in several countries. Previously, the only option with any order was direct delivery.

The Watch should officially become available for in-store shopping by June 26, and reach a wider number of countries around the same time, such as Italy, Mexico, and Switzerland.

Apple could bring 4K video to iTunes Store

A letter divulged from last year’s Sony Pictures data leak revealed that Apple has been seeking access to 4K video content since at least 2013. None of it has so far appeared on the iTunes Store, where the highest resolution is still 1080p.

Even now Apple only has two products capable of supporting 4K video, namely the 5K iMac and the Mac Pro. That could change later this year with a new Apple TV set-top.

iMac owners get replacements for faulty 3TB hard drives

iMacs also made the news when Apple announced that owners of certain 27-inch models qualify for a free replacement hard drive, owing to problems with defective 3-terabyte disks. Affected computers were sold between December 2012 and September 2013.

Authorized repairs can be conducted at any Apple Store or certified service provider. If a person has already paid for a repair, they can apply to Apple for a refund.

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