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To me he is the absolute essential influencer of LA’s modern music and art scene. There isn’t anything that guy hasn’t influenced. From the way Odd Future broke out, the DIY ethos, taking it viral, turning it into amazing records, and keeping that group together as long as they could, right through to launching his own Golf media and Camp Flog Gnaw, which must be one of the best new festivals of the past five years. Odd Future were fully transparent when they started, video-ing their lives and making music about it with no filter. They were the first thing I saw out of LA that made me feel the way I felt when I first saw Chocolate skateboards’ videos and early Spike Jonze. I first met him alongside Hodgy Beats, Syd Tha Kid and Left Brain. They were ripping the shit out of me, hassling my dress sense, my age, my accent. It was an analytical assassination and I loved them for it. I knew straight away how smart Tyler was. I got to know him more over the years. His approach to the way he gets his music out and how he keeps it independent, he’s just building culture around himself. He forges an inspiring individual train of thought. He’s transformed into a businessman and built an incredible world around himself taking in media, fashion, live concerts and festivals, music, he’s a director of his own videos … he’s one of the most inspiring people to come out of LA in a very long time


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