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Backyard barbecues, sunshine and live music are common components of good, summertime fun. This year will be no different thanks to the Levitt AMP Discover Downtown Middlesboro concerts.

Jeannie Allen and Bo Hoe were chosen by the DDM board to represent the organization during the 2017 Levitt AMP Convening in Los Angeles, California. There they had an opportunity to interact with other grant winners and share with representatives from other cities.

“We were one of 15 cities represented but only one of four chosen by Levitt for the third straight year. Every city has its challenges so we learned from them and they learned from us,” said Hoe.

The conference consisted of several guest speakers, brainstorming and discussion sessions which included topics such as marketing, engagement, sponsorship and booking acts.

This year the concerts will be on Thursday nights beginning Aug. 3. The concerts will continue for ten weeks and will consist of musicians from just about every genre, including bluegrass and country to blues and jazz.

“The mission of the Levitt Foundation is not only to provide free music, but to bring the community together and revitalization through quality live music,” said Allen.

DDM is planning a bigger year than ever which will include a farmers market, arts and crafts vendors, local acts to open for concerts and mini-shows such as Middlesboro’s Got Talent. DDM is also asking for suggestions, which can be emailed to [email protected]

“With music we can all come together, regardless if we’re rich, poor, young, old, male, female, religion or race and enjoy ourselves. Music has a way of doing that,” said Allen. “I hope everyone will come out and forget the problems of the world and just celebrate life and enjoy this wonderful season of music.”

DDM is also looking for volunteers to revamp the stage and park for another season of live music. Contact them via Facebook or the email address listed before.

Reach Kelsey Gerhardt at 606-302-9093 or on Twitter @kgerhardtmbdn.

By Kelsey Gerhardt

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