Paedophile ex-Radio 1 DJ Chris Denning who ‘offered boy to BBC colleague’ jailed for 13 years –

He told the defendant: “You groomed all of these boys. They were for the most part in their early teens, although some were younger.

“You used your own fame, your acquaintance with others who were famous, your familiarity with the music industry … to win their trust and misplaced admiration.”

Prosecutor Jonathan Polnay said: “In the late 1960s up to the mid 1970s he was a famous DJ, having worked for Radio Luxembourg, Radio London, BBC 2, BBC’s Light Programme and as one of the original Radio 1 DJs, where he had his own show.

“He abused his fame, and the trust placed in him by others, for his own sexual gratification.”

He added: “Denning would take one of his victims out for pizza. He also took him on holiday, on tours of radio stations and let him stay at his bungalow.

“On one of those occasions, in the bungalow, another well-known Radio 1 DJ was present and Denning offered the victim to him. The other DJ replied he didn’t do that sort of thing.”

Denning lured boys into his house using his fame and plied them with records, alcohol and cigarettes.


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