Organizers Get Ready For Beale Street Music Festival –

MEMPHIS, TENN ( – Two days until Beale Street Music Festival organizers have been putting on the final touches for the big weekend, and locals are excited to have the extra business.

 The 3-day music festival at Tom Lee Park is the biggest event of Memphis in May. Organizers have said it draws the largest crowd and the most revenue of all their events. This year tickets have been bought in 50 states and more than a dozen foreign countries.

 “This weekend we’ll have over 35,000 people here just the out of towners. That doesn’t include all the people from all over the region that come in,” said Kevin Kane, President, and CEO of the Memphis Convention and Visitors Bureau.

 According to tourism leaders, Beale Street Music Festival is worth $39 million to the local economy. The entire month of Memphis in May has an economic impact of $88 million. 


 Oksana Piven is a Mid-South business owner, realtor and new Airbnb host. Piven has prepared her place in the Medical District to be home to Beale Street Music Festival guests. 


 Piven said opened her Airbnb in early April and within minutes it was booked for the music festival, then a few moments later it was booked for the World Championship Barbecue Cooking Contest.


 According to an Airbnb spokesperson, 1,700 people have booked through their website. They say the most common city origin for Airbnb guests during this weekend are Nashville, Philadelphia, Little Rock, St. Louis, and Chicago. The company expects their customers will spend an estimated $1 million through the festival.


 “It’s a real Memphis treasurer I think because it brings people together from different parts of the world,” Piven said about Memphis in May.

 As crews work nonstop to get Tom Lee Park prepared, organizers are ready to welcome music fans.

“It is organized chaos, but you know like I said before we’ve got our dance steps down. We know the moves. We’ve done this before, and everything’s working like clockwork,” said Robert Griffin, Director of Marketing with Memphis in May.


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