Families and friends came out to enjoy the music and beautiful weather at the Hungry Hollow Family Music Festival in Chestnut Ridge on Saturday

CHESTNUT RIDGE – Saturday’s scene at the Hungry Hollow Music Festival had a Woodstock look with a family atmosphere.

Acres of manicured grass in the Fellowship Community on Hungry Hollow Road were dotted by families and young couples sprawled out on beach towels listening to performers of different musical genres.

One dad was bouncing his infant toddler on his knee. Another dad was cuddling with his two daughters. A mom was dancing with her children while another chased her giggling daughter. A couple swaying to the music was interrupted by boys jumping on their backs.

“The idea is to bring the community together, and music is a universal way to do that,” festival organizer Skip Herman said.

Chapin Sisters return to Chestnut Ridge

The festival began Friday at 8 p.m. and continued all day Saturday until 6 p.m. Proceeds from the event will benefit the educational and eldercare initiatives in the Threefold Community, which includes Green Meadow Waldorf School, the Pfeiffer agricultural center, the Fellowship Community home for the elderly and the Hungry Hollow Co-op Natural Foods Market.

Herman said there were 20 folk, classical, jazz, rock and African drum performers who played on two stages — an outdoor stage in the Hand ‘N’ Hoe section of the Threefold Community and the indoor Threefold Auditorium.

Emmanuel Vokovich and John McDowell, who will be playing at Carnegie Hall in New York City, opened the event. The Chapin sisters Abigail and Lily, who are the daughters of singer/songwriter Tom Chapin, headlined the event.

“It’s been a Threefold Community day with all the institutions coming together to make this happen,” said Carol Avery, the development coordinator for the Fellowship Community.

This is the first year of this event, but Avery hopes this will start an annual tradition.

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