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We agree with Jeremy Corbyn’s aspiration that every child should have the opportunity to learn an instrument (Why not put music at the heart of education?, 19 June). It is important to remember, however, that music education needs to be properly funded. Instrumental tuition needs specialist teachers, and these teachers have been seeing their terms and conditions eroded over the past 10 years, meaning that many of them are leaving the profession.

Often the only way to make a living is through private tuition – which is not subsidised by the government. This means that instrumental music is fast becoming the domain of those with independent income, with the effect that young people from lower income families are being denied the chance of a career in music. In order for Jeremy Corbyn’s hopes to be realised, we need to get back to a properly funded system of instrumental tuition that is part of the curriculum and run by the Department for Education.
Horace Trubridge
General secretary-elect of the Musicians’ Union (MU)

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