Music Boosters goal separate from Portage band effort – Portage Daily Register

This letter is in response to the April 14 Daily Register article “Music boosters set lofty fundraising goal for Portage band” regarding the Portage Music Boosters and its fundraising role for the Portage Marching Band. The Music Boosters works with all Portage music departments; however, the Music Boosters is not involved with the current fundraiser for the Portage High School Marching Band.

The Music Boosters is comprised of parents of high school and middle school band and choir students. They provide equal assistance to the band and choir departments. The Music Boosters sponsors activities, such as but not limited to: summer band and choir camps, scholarships, band and choir student accounts, as well as band and choir directors’ needs. They also have fundraisers throughout the year to help contribute to the band and choir.

The PHS Band and Community Support Fund was established by Paul Breene and Craig Blau to solely raise money for the purpose of helping to maintain the needs of the Portage Marching Band. Any person interested in supporting this fund can contact Paul Breene at 745-8557 or Craig Blau at 617-8196.

Any way that you can support the music programs is appreciated. Thank you.

Craig Blau, Portage


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