‘I want to see mummy’: Ian Brady’s chilling audio tape recording of 10-year-old victim’s last moments – Telegraph.co.uk

At another point, the woman said: “Hush, Hush, shut up or I will forget myself and hit you one. I will hit you one.”

In another passage, Lesley Ann pleaded: “Can I tell you summat. I must tell you summat. Take your hands off me for a minute, please… Please, mum, please – I cannot tell you. I cannot breathe…Please God …Why? What are you going to do with me?” Man: “I want to take some photographs, that is all.” Child: “I want to see my mummy…Honest to God. I will swear on the Bible… I have got to go because I am going out with my Mama. Please, please help me, will you.” Man: “The longer it takes you to do this, the longer it takes you to get home.”

At another point Brady said: “If you don’t keep that hand down, I will slit your neck.”

As The Telegraph noted: “The court was still and quiet. Suddenly a child’s scream and a cry filled the room.”


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