Desert Trip: The music’s great, but slow down, Dad – Los Angeles Times

Of all the things Desert Trip has to teach the kids — the wisdom of the deep Dylan catalog, the joy of Mick Jagger’s catwalk, the pleasures of rolling out a blanket on a windless night of the Polo Grounds and hearing the best music from rock’s best era — there’s one thing the EDM kids in the Sahara Tent can teach in kind: how to party safely at something like this.

The opening night of Desert Trip’s second weekend was even better than I’d imagined — the recent Nobel Laureate Bob Dylan generously indulging fans with “Like A Rolling Stone” and other pop hits; Ron Wood ripping out ageless, invigorating guitar solos, testaments to the merits of a perfect riff. The built environment was unlike anything I’d seen in two decades of festival attendance — sprawling but accessible, vibey but logistically perfect. I’ll go ahead and dare to say that it out-classes Coachella as a total experience for regal rock ‘n’ roll like this.

Everyone from the security guards at the front gate to the most eager Dylanologist was kind, patient and beyond happy to be there. There was no bad seat in the house, and you could still get close enough to see Mick Jagger’s tendons flex. 

But first, for the kids of of all the Desert Trip families here: Let’s take all our parents aside and have a serious talk about drinking water and pacing their day drinking.


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