David Attenborough is a world music enthusiast – who knew? – Telegraph.co.uk

If it was freshness you were after, television wasn’t too promising on Christmas Day, what with an abundance of repeats filling the festive schedules.

Things were different on radio, thankfully. There was a wonderful Sunday Feature in David Attenborough: World Music Collector (Radio 3). The naturalist revealed a side of himself that few people know: his lifelong love of music from around the world. Recording nature programmes in the Fifties and Sixties, he carried a microphone and portable sound recorder, which he whipped out whenever he heard music that caught his ear. When recording equipment became bulkier and more complex a few years later, recording on the fly wasn’t quite so easy, so these recordings serve as a time capsule for the young Attenborough’s adventures as one of the first people to document these musical traditions.


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