5 reasons a Tesla music-streaming service is the best idea Elon Musk has had this year – Business Insider

2. A lot of music labels would want their content in Tesla vehicles.

2. A lot of music labels would want their content in Tesla vehicles.

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Regardless of what you think about electric cars or Musk himself, there’s no denying that Tesla cars are cool.

They always have been, from the early days of the first high-performance Roadster, which demonstrated that EVs could be much more than glorified golf carts.

The 400,000 preorders on the forthcoming Model 3 prove that a lot of people want in on the Tesla experience and are willing to put down $1,000 apiece for the privilege of spending $35,000 to buy the entire car two years later.

Even before the Model 3, Teslas were the favored vehicles of the Silicon Valley elite. Tesla’s cars are rolling validation of the high-risk tech ideology and evidence that a new car company could be created in the US, a feat not achieved in decades before Musk and Tesla came along.

Music streaming is very techy and very Silicon Valley: Don’t own music, subscribe. Control the platform, get other people to produce the content, and then take a fat cut of the revenue because you own the largest distribution channel and can call your shots.

This could just be the beginning for Tesla’s subscription services. Music makes for an abundantly cool start, but hundreds of thousands of customers on the road — many with respectable net worths who won’t balk at a $25-a-month charge for something desirable – are likely to have other addressable wants and needs.


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